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Line Up

See it ! Hear it ! Feel it !

The Ultimate Show . . .
U2 Experience give you a spectacular 2 hour tribute to Ireland’s greatest rock band. Close your eyes and Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam are there! Open your eyes and they are STILL there!

U2-EXPERIENCE are THE complete U2 experience! The sound, the spectacle and the feel of the original’s live performances. A show filled with epic songs from throughout U2’s history, including early classics such as: "Sunday, bloody Sunday" "With or without you", "One", "Beautiful Day" through four decades to today’s new classics from "Vertigo" and “Magnificent” At the end of each concert, as the echoes of “40” disappear, we guarantee the audience will still be singing along. . .

The Musicians, The Lighting and The Sound...
Everything is recreated to give you the best U2-Experience

The Technician . . .

Light: Marcus Ritter - KAMPU LIGHTS - 016096900689
Sound: Michael Stern - STERN Veranstaltungstechnik - 01777030050

Technical Information:
Please request more information and our technical details >>>here<<< via email.